This is a 15 year old very loved kitty named Snuggles.

Created with chalk and charcoal on grey paper in about 20 hours

This was such a restful and peaceful drawing to create and I would love to do more! It was commissioned to follow more of my stylized sketches than realism and I really like the way it turned out.

Created with charcoal and white charcoal on Strathmore 500 series charcoal paper in gray in just over 50 hours.

Prints available over at my Etsy!

hellbentdesigns sent: Why would you work on something as unstable as corrugated cardboard??

Haha this is definitely something I’m guilty of! I haven’t resorted to that in probably 2 years, though! These days, I use acid-free foamcore board as a drawing surface. It’s lightweight, much more stable and still affordable. I do have 3 actual drawing boards now, but I usually have 6-10+ drawings in progress at once.

For commission work, I find that it works really well for me to draw on the foamcore, seal my work while still on the foamcore, and then mat the finished drawing - all on the foamcore. It then becomes the backing and fits right into the frame my client picks out. The less I have to move the drawing from surface to surface, the less I have to worry about smudges and tears.

When I was just getting started, I didn’t have the money for drawing boards or the more-appropriate foamcore I now use…. but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I definitely rummaged in the garage for portable drawing surfaces my family wouldn’t miss - but that’s all in the past now! :P

This is Coors, an adorable corgi whose owner is a super Kansas City Chiefs fan. If you squint - you can see it on his dogtag

Created with PanPastels and Derwent Pastel Pencils in about 15 hours.

Anonymous sent: Do you ever take selfies or just pics with your art? which is AWESOME. if you do can you share one? You seem lovely anyways

Oh gosh…. I used to. It’s mostly just art progress pictures anymore… The last non-art one I took was in January, I think?image

Aaand here’s today…it might be time for a haircut O.oimage

sonddder sent: It would be so awesome if you could possibly reply to this. I'm doing a charcoal drawing in my art 2 class and I wanted to know if you have any tips when using charcoal? I'm using a picture of my cat if that helps. Like texturizing, lights and darks, shading etc.

Hi there! Here are my favorite keys that I keep in mind when I’m working with charcoal on pet portraits:

1: I always start with a base layer. I like using powdered charcoal and apply it with a tapered brush and buff it into the paper. This gives you soft shading and helps you find the shape of your kitty and map out their patterns and stripes. It looks soft and a little blurry like this:image

2: Next up is texture. Keep your pencils as sharp as you can and pay extra close attention to the direction your cat’s fur is going. That’s what really brings them to life on paper. I use LOTS of short, sharp strokes so I can change the direction of the fur without any criss-crossing lines. I use a mix of my HB charcoal and my white charcoal for highlights.

3: Don’t be afraid of those really dark blacks for depth (I use my 6B charcoal for those) And for final touches, I always save whiskers for last using my favorite white charcoal pencil.


I hope this helps a little and I hope you have fun!

Today was Pastels on 5th and it was AMAZING! I won First Place People’s Choice again this year - what an honor!!

This is created with soft pastels on the sidewalk - it’s a fantastic event that raises money for my favorite charity Organization, Alternatives to Violence!

This little pudgy pitbull is Daphne - she was commissioned as a surprise anniversary gift and it’s been so fun getting excited with my client as the date draws nearer!

Created with chalk and charcoal in about 25 hours.

The Boston Red Sox winning the World Series in 2013. Matted in Red, of course.

Let me tell you — this was the most challenging test of my patience. I didn’t think I was going to make it and I am SO glad it’s done.

Created with chalk and charcoal on 16x20 gray paper. Start to finish, somewhere over 150 hours.

—P.S. The original was commission so it is sold, but prints are available at my Etsy shop:

My view for the day. Jarvis is such a ham.

thedarkside-of-themoon sent: Are you selling that Jake Peavy art?

Hi! The original is already sold, but I do have prints available at my shop::

Number 44 up for the pitch! This is the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park.

But would you believe this is only half the project? This is part one of a double commission! The next one is the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2013.

This one took about 110 hours and was created with chalk and charcoal on 16x20 Strathmore paper.

Having a super lazy Saturday (best kind if you ask me!)

This is from my sketch journal…that I have been neglecting lately, poor thing.

Hope you’re all having a lovely day!